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Discipline in a whole new way: For classrooms and groups


A new way of thinking when it comes to discipline in the classroom or groups, and how you can actually help children take responsibility for their choices. You will learn a simple “step approach” to discipline that can help teachers and volunteers in those most difficult discipline moments


Discipline that works: A solution for parents

Learn what is really needed to create a successful discipline strategy. Stick with the basics. This DVD will give you the steps needed to discipline effectively, and show you how to use the relationship with your child to keep you from needing discipline as often.



Teenagers: What to do when you don’t know what to do

Learn the keys to raising your teen, along with how to handle discipline when it is needed. Parenting a teenager can be a day-by-day challenge and knowing what to say to them and how to say it can be a mystery. With this video your mystery is solved, because Tom will give you specific directions, along with challenges to mom’s and dad’s to help you grow closer to and inspire your teen



 Is your child ready for kindergarten: 5 points that help parents decide

Here is your chance to have the confidence that your child is ready to take on the world and enter kindergarten. Tom will cover 5 key steps to making the decision, because remember that it is not just whether your child is smart enough. There are social and emotional questions to answer also.You will not regret having this valuable information, and you can watch it over and over.



What Your Child Needs: Understanding the Emotional Development of Children


Here is your opportunity to learn how children grow up from an emotional perspective, rather than a physical, developmental, or intellectual perspective. Tom will walk you through life, from birth through the teenage years; you will get insight into the emotional growth of children. From trust, to independence, to rebellion. Find out what children need and do not need, along with what we can and cannot do for them on their journey to becoming healthy adults


When to Refer: Understanding the Mental Health Field

Tom will explain the similarities and differences in counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, testing, medication, and more so that you are confident in getting the help you need, as well as understanding whom you are going to see and what they do.

You Don’t Have to Spank, Unless You Really Want To
Learn the difference between discipline and punishment, and get alternatives to spanking. Tom does not tell you not to spank, but asks you, “If there were a more effective way, would you take it?” this dvd will help you decide which
form of consequence is best in your home when it comes to discipline.