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If your school or pre-school is experiencing problems with behavior, bullying, parent communication, or anything that is taking away from the learning experiences of the children, my consultation experience includes working with schools and professional organizations to improve morale and promote teamwork. I’ve had experience working in school environments as well as with professional organizations to help improve morale, teamwork and leadership skills.

My expertise is in assessing a situation, formulating a plan of action to correct a problem, and helping motivate people to correct the problem and improve the environment. I can go into a school environment and work with parents, teachers and staff to improve morale and educate. This is your chance to improve whatever issues are currently keeping your work environment from being the best it can be.
I am available to speak on the following topics:

  • Teenagers: What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • Discipline in a whole new way: For classrooms and groups
  • What your child needs: Understanding the emotional development of children
  • Is your child ready for kindergarten: 5 points that help parents decide
  • Discipline that works: A solution for parents
  • When to refer: Understanding the mental health field
  • You don’t have to spank, unless you really want to
  • Successful Parent/Teacher Interactions
  • Understanding a Child’s World
  • Why We Hurry Our Children

Speaking engagements can range from one hour to a full day workshop. Contact us today to set up your next staff in service training or to have me give a motivational or educational talk.

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