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When Do Children Need Psychological Testing?

I get calls every week from parents asking me whether they should get their child tested. Most parents aren’t even sure what kind of testing they are looking for, yet others are very specific and asking for ADHD testing, or depression testing, or anxiety testing. The difficulty can be... Read More

Resistant Children: How To Get Them To Follow Directions

Every parent has been there…those times when you just want your child to do what they’ve been told, without talking back. The hardest times are when it happens in public, or when it’s the end of the day and you are on your last nerve. Whether it’s bedtime, mealtime, leaving a birthday party... Read More

Helping Children Deal with Grief and Illness

Grief and Illness is hard for anyone to cope with, and even more difficult for children. Children under 10 years of age process information differently than adults, which means we need to talk with them on their emotional level. Children do not only grieve when someone or something dies, they can grieve... Read More

What You Need to Know When Your Child Attends Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy? When adults have emotional problems or when things begin to bother them so much that it is hard for them to think of other things, they go to a therapist to talk about their problems and to get help with solutions. Children don’t have the vocabulary or the insight of adults, so it is difficult... Read More

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